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How To Create The Perfect Gift Hamper

How To Create The Perfect Gift Hamper
Let's say you're shopping online trying to find the perfect gift for an anniversary or some other important occasion and you can't quite find the right fit. You've browsed a number of websites and a few things have caught your attention but what you're really chasing is the perfect gift, the show-stopping gift, the gift that fits the recipient like Cinderella's shoe.

Before you start your gift search you need a theme. It's time to really get inside of your gift recipients head here (no... don't phone them!) and ask yourself - what is this person about, what is it that they would love/need? Now, what we're going to do is select a range of unique gifts and compile them all into one gift hamper. This is the best kind of gift to receive because there's multiple presents and who doesn't love that?



Is this person a friend of yours, trendy home-styler, loves to recycle? Then you need to visit a site like Kindred Gifts for a selection of cool stuff that your friend will love. We recommend adding in a reusable coffee cup because everyone needs a stylish coffee cup without the waste. Add in a Positively Green Notebook filled with 100% recycled paper, printed with soy inks and printed using a press powered by wind. Impressive!

Now, to top it off choose some cool fridge magnets, add in some organic tea and fair trade chocolate and you've got a gift that any friend would love. Of course, you're going to need some packaging for your hamper and in this case a reyclable bag will do the trick. This one doubles as a lunch bag. Pow!



Let's say your next gift is for your husband or boyfriend. He's a bloke who loves the good things in life, has a man-cave and likes a good laugh. Head on over to Gifts For Blokes to find the unique gift you're looking for. These guys have got all the knick knacks and you're sure to catch his attention with man-cave gifts like a LED Beer Sign or Monaro Tin Sign.

Try any number of bar gifts from a huge selection like beer coolers, stubby holders and coaster sets to set your rugged man's heart on fire. Package your finds in a Doctor Who Tardis Cooler bag with a few boutique beers and their favourite snack and you're good to go. Favourite wife of the year award goes to you!



We know kids love lots of gifts so a basket full of goodies will get their attention. There's so many great choices on the market now and a website like Online Toys Australia makes compiling these gifts together cost effective and easy. Let's choose a range of gifts that will keep the kids entertained starting with activity books. There's some great new ones on the market with no ink! That's right, the special pens that go with the book only work on the paper of the book meaning crayon-free walls. Win-win.

Old favourites like a Barrel of Monkeys are lots of fun and Smellem's Scented Bubbles are cost effective enough to buy a few in different scents. You can really fill up a large-sized gift basket at this website and the range is incredible!
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