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How To Layout The Best Celebratory Table

How To Layout The Best Celebratory Table

No matter the occasion, birthday, anniversary, or holiday, there's always an opportunity to create a fun-filled table for everyone to enjoy. Dinner parties are a great way to get your loved ones together and laying out a gorgeous spread of food along with party favours can make the occasion even more fun. Always use your best tableware when entertaining and adding games to the night can keep the conversation flowing.

Evening Table Setting

 You simply can’t go wrong with some champagne, bubbles, or wine to get the celebrations going; tie some velvet ribbon or handwritten tags around each bottle to identify different grapes and taste palettes for that classy touch. Choosing the appropriate glasses for each table setting (particularly if you know what your guests drink beforehand)  adds a refined finish for your table; it’s also a chance to show off your inner sommelier. 

Wine Glass Table Setting

When it comes to your tablescape, why not try a look of layered luxury. A neutral coloured linen tablecloth is stylish for every occasion, whether indoors or outdoors; overlay with a bolder shade of  napkins neatly folded on each place setting, finish with a centrepiece of fresh flowers and elegant candle sticks. If you want to scale back a little, perhaps with a weekend picnic or bbq vibe, rattan placemats with native flowers are a thoughtful and laid back set-up alongside an esky full of boutique Byron Bay beers! 

Candle Dinner Set

 Nothing brings a group together like some fun and games, and the classics never disappoint. Charades, Pictionary or a good old quiz are perfect  if you are entertaining a more mature demographic. Garden parties call for a little more adventure, so if you are hosting kids, a treasure hunt is a never-fail crowd-pleaser, and if the weather is on, a waterslide or water balloon fight is a great way to pass a warm afternoon. For the adults, there’s an infinite choice of card games to share, and it's always fun learning something new to pass on to your next event too!

Colourful Dinner Party

Adding a theme to your invite always sparks some lighthearted amusement and is a great ice breaker if you are hosting a mix of guests who potentially haven’t met before. Channel your chosen theme into your cuisine; 1920’s style canapes with a Great Gatsby theme, seafood for a pirate party or tapas for a Spanish fiesta are just a few fun avenues you can go down. The main goal is to get creative and simply enjoy everyone’s company for the best in celebratory hosting! Outdoor Dinner Party

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