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Let’s Talk Loco Love

Let’s Talk Loco Love

There are two things to know about Loco Love, one, you will go a little loco for their incredible artisanal chocolates, and secondly, it is guaranteed love at first bite.

One of many unique businesses to be born and bred in beautiful Byron Bay, Loco Love is so much more than your average chocolatier. When beginning their luscious journey, their objective was to figure out how to seamlessly merge both taste and health, which isn’t something everyone associates with chocolate, but it should be! Indulgence and well-being do not have to be mutually exclusive.


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Founder Emica Penklis, channelling her colourful history of fashion design and naturopathy with a vast knowledge of the benefits of herbs and nutrition; from these impressive genes, Loco Love was born.

Having spent years concocting sweet treats from her own kitchen, she wanted to share her creations (and we are so glad she did). Jump to today, and the evolution of her cacao sorcery is simply incredible.

Each chocolate is now handcrafted at their Byron Bay factory and made with a harmonious balance of tonic herbs and adaptogens, including ashwagandha and probiotics for a healthy, happy tummy. Emica embraces nature's rich and nutritious gifts and elevates them into inspirational treats and superfoods.  

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A big part of the Loco Love narrative is always to create consciously, consistently making considered choices regarding the cycle of consumption which filters into every aspect of the business.

Their cacao is sourced from a small, sustainable farm in Peru, and all their nuts and berries are from the local Northern Rivers region. Transparency of production and sourcing of ingredients is kept in line with their belief of practising, not preaching.

Never claiming to be perfect but loving the imperfections just the same, it is all part of the authenticity and integrity of Loco Love that has built such a devout community of customers that, for them, feel like family. It is a golden reminder of how food and wellbeing bring people together via a perfectly packaged bundle of seductive chocolate flavours that is also vegan, free from soy, refined sugars, or any indulgence guilt, and most importantly, utterly delicious. High vibes all around. 

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Check out Loco Love’s website for more information. 

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