Unique Corporate Gift Ideas


There's many reasons you may want to be sending a gift from your business. You may be thanking a new customer for using your services for the first time or cementing a long standing business relationship with a thank you gift. Either way, your gift must represent your business in a positive and professional manner - but you don't want to be too boring. There's lots of innovative ways of making your business stand out and provide a gift that will be remembered. Trying one (or a combination) of the following to get your business noticed.


We all know that you can buy branded coffee mugs with a printed logo but what about a hand crafted mug from a local potter? This is a great addition to a tea or coffee gift basket and you can have your own message hand painted on the mug. This option is perfect for a Christmas present. You can opt for a Christmas themed coffee mug (think stars, wrapped presents, Christmas trees etc) with a personalised message like 'Merry Christmas from the team at [insert business name here]'. Your gift recipients will be impressed and your business name will be sitting on their desk as a constant reminder of your business brand! Packed with some delicious tea, chocolates and biscuits this gift will be a winner.


When your gift recipient receives your gift you want to make sure they love the gift from start to finish. A professional, well presented gift is the way to go and printing a gift wrap with your logo and design is a good way to solidify your brand with your customers and make them remember who's sending them the gift! Printers often require a minimum order for printing but think about how many gifts you send out over the years and it could be worth it. A beautifully presented gift is a good representation of your own brand. Make sure the gifts inside are of a high quality too as you don't want the gift to be a disappointment.


That's right... it's pretty easy to get your business name, logo and message printed on your very own drop of wine. All you need to do is a visit a site like Brewtopia where they offer just that service. With easy templates to choose from or just upload your own within their label size parameters - hey presto! - you've got a great thank you or Christmas gift for a pretty small investment. They also do beers, stubby coolers and water depending on your recipient. Water is a good giveaway at a promotional event and personalised stubby coolers would be a smart addition to a beer gift hamper.


It's hard to find a good assortment of vegan food that is a pleasure to eat! Why not look at a Vegan or Gluten free gift hamper for those staff and clients that have dietary requirements? This gift idea will be a pleasure for your recipient to receive as they enjoy different snacks including raw and organic items. We know how important it is when you send a gift basket to impress your recipient. You want people with these kind of dietary requirements to be able to enjoy a food gift just as much as anyone else.

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