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Unique Corporate Gifting Ideas

Gift Box With Corporate Ribbon


There's many reasons you may want to be sending a gift from your business. You may be thanking a new customer for using your services for the first time, cementing a long standing business relationship with a thank you gift or celebrating an employees achievement. Either way, your gift must represent your business in a positive and professional manner - but you don't want to be too boring. There's lots of innovative ways of making your business stand out and delivering a gift that will be remembered. Try one (or a combination) of the following to get your business noticed.

Cleanse, Detox & Restore 3 Day Online Retreat

You could send your recipients an online immersive journey to enjoy in their own time & space. This online retreat contains 3 days worth of supportive material that includes a daily 20 minute yoga video, meal plan and 20 minute breath work exercise. Speak to our Corporate Gift Manager to find out more.

Engraved Candle Lid

Byron Bay Gifts have partnered with Byron Bay Candles to offer custom engraved candle lids. Have the candle lid engraved with your company logo or a phrase like 'Merry Christmas'. This candle is 99mm x 90mm and has an approximate burn time of 50 hours. Choose from Coconut & Lime or Lotus Flower, scents. Made using Eco Soy Wax these candles are also free from petroleum, paraffin and parabens.


Dietary Specific Gifts

It's hard to find a good assortment of vegan food that is a pleasure to eat! Why not look at a Vegan or Gluten free gift hamper for those staff and clients that have dietary requirements? This gift idea will be a pleasure for your recipient to receive as they enjoy different snacks including raw and organic items. We know how important it is when you send a gift basket to impress your recipient. You want people with these kinds of dietary requirements to be able to enjoy a food gift just as much as anyone else.


Custom QR Code

Creating your own videos can be as easy as recording a 'selfie' on your iPhone or adding professionally recorded video. Supply your video to the Byron Bay Gifts team and we'll create a unique QR code your recipients can use to view a personal message. We simply add the code to your gift card which the recipient scans when they receive their gift!

Custom Printed Ribbon

Print your business logo on a coloured ribbon (6 colour options available). Ribbon is wrapped around our unique Byron Bay gift boxes to give your corporate hampers an impressive touch of business branding.

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