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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Posted on 26 July 2015

Mother's Day has been celebrated throughout history in various different cultures and forms. Mother's Day is celebrated in Thailand on the birthday of the current Queen Sirikit. In Ethiopia, a days-long celebration is held to commemorate Mother's. In America, Mother's Day came about in a variety of different ways. Many women of the late 1800's and early 1900's were trying to get women recognised for the hard work they undertook bringing up children. Mother's Day is typically held on the second Sunday of May to celebrate Mums across the globe and send them extra love. Mums need not be hard to buy for, as it really is 'the thought that counts' and you can either purchase your Mum a gift or do something that makes her day special from our following list of suggestions.


Head on down to your local shopping centre and visit a massage or beauty clinic. There are some serious pampering gift ideas in here from facials to massage. With a massage you have a range of different price options from just a head and neck massage to a full body hot stone massage. It really depends on your budget. If you want to give Mum something truly special, book her a hair and nail appointment after a facial and massage for a full day makeover and relaxation experience. Perfect.


Gone are the days of buying Mum a vacuum cleaner for Mother's Day. Why not give her a card with which she can redeem a few hours housework off you? Simply type or handwrite a voucher entitling Mum to your cleaning or cooking services. When she cashes it in, have her put her feet up, make a cup of tea and get busy. Maybe there's a job your Mum really hates to do - offer to take this chore off her hands and you'll make her day!


This is a win-win for you and your Mum. Not only is it a good chance for a catch up over a glass of wine and good food - you also don't have to do the clearing up. Your Mum will love the chance to spend some time with you and not have to cook. Get something celebratory to really make it a special occasion, like a great champagne. If on a budget just opt for a shared dessert. Make your Mum feel special and don't forget to foot the bill for dinner AND the movie ticket. And make sure you choose a movie that she'll like... perhaps steer clear of the horror genre and choose a comedy or rom-com instead.


These are a fail safe gift for Mums and needn't appear last minute or lacking in thought. There's some beautifully displayed flowers and you can buy some really cheerful blooms that will have her smiling for days. A potted plant or herbs for the garden are thoughtful for Mum's who don't like to see flowers wilt. Chocolates, too can be a great gift but check if your Mum is on a healthy eating plan first because chocolates are the last thing she'll want.


If you really don't have a budget or just want to do something different this year just hang out with your Mum on Mother's Day. Listening is a great gift as is good conversation and a day spent in good company will provide happy memories!

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