Natural and Organics Ingredients & How They Benefit Our Bodies

It is such a pleasure to work with suppliers who create not only delicious food but use empowering ingredients that nourish and nurture our bodies. At Byron Bay Gift, we align with brands that work with nature and find alternatives to make healthier versions of our favourite foods. We choose the tastiest additions to our hampers for everyone to enjoy (we have certainly tried and tested them all ourselves), and it's a great privilege to be forever learning about the magical elements that go into every single scrumptious product. 

With a mission for well-being, Mindful Foods are adamant about using only the best local ingredients. They work in unison with Australian native bush foods to enhance flavour and nutrition for some of our most beloved pantry items and delightful delicacies. Their Maple Munchies are the perfect choice when in need of something a little sweet without the guilt! These are made with a mix of kombucha activated pecans and walnuts, raw macadamias, cinnamon and organic maple syrup. Pecans are a powerhouse; they are abundant with two critical minerals, manganese and copper, essential for metabolic health and regulating blood pressure. Walnuts are a botanical nut rich in antioxidants that promote gut health, help decrease inflammation and support good brain function! The Mindful Foods selection of teas and brews are also packed with nourishing ingredients. The Chillax Brew consists of settling herbal relaxants, aiding general relaxation and sleep. Lavender, chamomile and ashwagandha are all mighty in their ability to calm our racing minds and gently soothe our souls with every sip. 

The Daily Bar are all about feeling good, and what better way to start than with what you put in your body - being healthy is the pathway to being happy! Their super bites are full of wholesome and honest ingredients that elevate you whenever you require a slight pick-up. We love these little pocket snacks!. Their Espresso bite serves as a little  caffeine boost, teaming with plant proteins, nourishing fibres and high-quality, healthy fats; it is also low in natural sugars and preservative-free for an enjoyable on-the-go treat! If coffee isn’t your tipple and you’re after something a little more sweet, the Mint Choc bite aims to please, with a chocolatey demeanour and a  fudgy mint centre. 

Byron based brand Loco Love has a deep understanding of our adoration for all things chocolate! Their products are the ideal balance of both fuel and fancy. They intertwine organic cacao with the finest of healing herbs and tonics that propel us forward with high vibes only. Their use of innovative ingredients is overflowing with loving qualities that feel like a big, warm hug. The hazelnut praline tastes wonderfully indulgent; this well-deserved treat is blended with Peruvian ginseng, filled with adaptogenic properties that fight fatigue and manage blood sugar levels. Another flavour is their butter caramel pecan, this one is their best selling product, and it's easy to know why! These are packed with a butterscotch texture and a balance of bittersweet notes alongside a generous addition of healing cinnamon….yum! 

Kitz Living Foods' hand-crafted snacks are designed for everybody. Their thoughtful approach to using fresh and healing ingredients that cater to all dietary requirements is gorgeous. They utilise spices, seeds, and nuts to help keep us full and satisfied. The banana date walnut chunks are the perfect example! Both chewy and crunchy, this paleo-friendly package is high in disease-fighting antioxidants, potent in potassium and gentle on your digestive system. The coconut dream cherry inca berry slice makes for a happy raw feast and is excellent to share with your loved ones; the inca berry and cherry combo act as a natural sweetener and are super high in vitamin c. 

We love a blend of health and happiness - check out our food gift hampers for more! 

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