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5 Things Byron Bay Is Most Famously Known For

5 Things Byron Bay Is Most Famously Known For

Our home, Byron Bay, has long been a popular destination for holidays, travellers and those who want to find a permanent home in paradise. Many families from Australia wide make their annual holiday pilgrimage up here to enjoy a rich and relaxing time, where there is something new to see and do on every visit. The unparalleled beauty, vibrant community and plethora of adventures contribute significantly to its appeal. Byron is famous for many different reasons, but some are the backbone that makes up the golden soul of its loveable character, we have rounded up a few of our ultimate favourite things about this magical spot. 

The Pass Surf

The Byron Bay surf culture is utterly unique. The connection between the land and the ocean, the wave's curl and the break of the water is a sacred cycle. Byron’s idyllic geographic location means there is reliable surf all year round. Its diverse range of beaches allows for a wide range of conditions suitable for all different experience levels. From the long rolling waves of the Pass to the short, sharp swell of Tallows Beach, surfing is a huge part of Byron’s DNA. There is nothing like the silver surge and the soft breeze across the shore; with many local surf schools, here is the perfect spot to fall in love with surfing. 

Byron Bay Lighthouse

Most people will recognise the Cape Byron Lighthouse anywhere. Is it the iconic white beacon that overlooks our home at Australia's most Easterly point. This landmark starts and ends the day in Byron; take in the crystal mornings overlooking the Pacific coastline or watch the sunset behind the mountainous silhouettes. The lighthouse walk is a daily ritual for so many; with a walking track of 3.7 km, it is an intermediate hike up and down - be prepared for some steps up, but when you see that view, it is entirely worth it! Take a guided tour through the lighthouse and visit the nearby Maritime Museum to learn its fascinating history. 

Stone & Wood Brewery

It isn’t a trip to Byron without truly indulging in the incredible food and wine we have to offer here. The array of local cuisines, restaurants, wineries and distilleries are what so many come for. Choose from farm to table eateries, where the regional produce is elevated and infused in every dish, fine dining such as Raes, Di Vino and Bang Bang, or opt for more casual settings from our top-quality cafes and pubs. The options are endless and not to mention delicious! Pop into the Stone & Wood Brewery or Cape Byron Distillery to try the regional gins and whiskeys to get a real feel for the passion and creativity that goes into some of our beloved Byron Bay Gift Hampers.

Minyon Falls

The luscious land surrounding Byron Bay is filled with stunning villages and epic scenery. Take a short drive out of town to appreciate the expanse of the rolling hinterlands, with panoramic views and farmland, forests and many hidden adventures. The hinterlands are home to Minyon Falls, where you can find beautiful bush walks and natural swimming pools, not to mention the 100m waterfall, a must-see for your next trip! Pop into the charming communities of Eltham, Newybar and Bangalow, grab a tasty lunch at Federal and browse the boutique general store in Clunes. The hinterlands are rich with fun-filled activities, and there are so many amazing locations you can spend all-day exploring; see where the winding roads take you! 


Lastly, the Cape Byron Marine Park is the extraordinary coastline that stretches over 37km, from Brunswick Heads down to Lennox; this expanse of waters is a one of a kind habitat that conserves protected species of subtropical marine life. The unique waterway is where the East Australian Current meets with cooler southern waters, making it an impeccable home for sharks, turtles, rays, corals, and so much more. There are many opportunities to get out in the water and observe the wildlife and landscapes. Julian Rocks is an excellent diving and snorkelling spot; look out from the boat across to Wollumbim Mount Warning and back into the bay. It is also a special spot for whale and dolphin watching; it is the pathway for the annual humpback whale migration and a chance to get close to the local bottlenose dolphins who love to jump the waves at Wategoes Beach. Take a boat trip for a recreational fishing trip out on the water or if you prefer to stay on dry land, why not get involved with local beach cleans and help maintain the purity of our waters. 

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