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Seven Reasons We Love To Support Local

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Byron Bay Gifts Love to Support Local, and Here is Why

Shopping local is important, we love our locals, and want to support them in any way that we can so that our economy flourishes. At BBG we recognise the superior quality our local businesses offer and their passion for their craft. We seek out the best quality products to add to our gift hampers so our customers can share in our love of local too.

There is so much to gain when supporting the people behind local business – we have chosen our top 7 reasons to share with you.


I have a dream.

Here in Byron Bay there is a real community, a tribe, and we want to have each other’s back and help our community flourish any way that we can. Supporting each other by supporting local businesses is what keep things floating along, a lot of people who move to this beautiful area have a dream, and we want to help that dream became a reality.


“When you support an independent business, you’re supporting a true reflection of the person or people behind it.” - Stella Ishii founder - The News Inc. and 6397).


Top notch customer service.

When you shop locally, you’ll often be speaking with the business owner and can enjoy some of the best customer service that you’ve ever experienced. Waiting on hold and needing to talk to loads of different departments is a rarity in small businesses.

For example, here at BBG you can email, call, text or even use our online chat feature during office hours to get in contact. We like to know our customers and provide solutions quickly so you can get back to doing what you do best!


It’s a vibe.

In an increasingly homogenized world, communities that preserve their one-of-a-kind businesses and distinctive character have an economic advantage.
The quirky and wonderful local businesses in Byron Bay give it that vibe. It’s like a warm, happy feeling. The combined presence of your town’s many local businesses makes it different from every other town or city around, giving that touch of authenticity.


Feed the future.

Independent businesses are where innovation happens, let’s feed that. Entrepreneurship fuels our economic innovation and prosperity. We want the future generations to feel like they have a voice and an opportunity to create their future. They make neighbourhoods healthy and are grounding, it is so important to know where the products that you put in and, on your body, come from.


“There’s something special about knowing that someone created this thing to uplift other people in the community.” - Kerin Rose Gold (designer, founder - A-morir).


Local power.

Local ownership ensures that important decisions are made locally by people who live and work in the community and feel the impacts of those decisions. Locals businesses will create more jobs locally and strive to employ locals, also in some sectors provide better wages and benefits.


Your body is a temple.

Local producers tend to care a whole lot more about what they ‘put in’. You’ll often find that local businesses go that little bit further to make their product special. This includes the use of natural and organic ingredients that make your purchase that little bit more luxurious and special. You won’t find any fillers here! From eco-friendly and Australian designed toys, to organic body scrubs and organic teas, coffees and treats... we have you covered!


Help the environment.

As time goes on we see that people are more concerned for the environment and how we are impacting it. This is such a wonderful thing to see as together we can make a change, even staring with the smallest of things. Local businesses are often driven to help lower the environmental impact by being green, which is sometimes not the agenda of their larger counterparts.


Money in a local’s pockets.

Putting that money back into a local businesses pocket often means that this dollar will go straight back into the local community. Buying locally helps stimulate the economy that we live in and keeps ingenuity and entrepreneurship thriving. Go you!

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