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Chatting Chocolate With Rich from Byron Bay Cacao

Chatting Chocolate With Rich from Byron Bay Cacao

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Chocolate is a real passion for Rich from Byron Bay Cacao, a creative outlet where he gets to experiment with new flavours and colours and we love trying his creations! Rich loves working with local businesses and has included things like Ink Gin and macadamia nuts into his chocolates. Rich creates some of the chocolate products that go in to our delicious chocolate gift hampers.

We chatted with Rich recently to find out more about our local chocolatier, where he gets his inspiration from and what we can expect to see in the future!

Chocolate gift box

Tell us how you started your business and why?

I first started making chocolate at a restaurant I had and our clients loved them so the business bloomed from that along with my passion for cacao.

How did you come up with your packaging, design and/or ingredients?

I have always been creative so coming up with new flavours is not the problem, its trying to stop my self from making new ones and focusing on a core product list. I tend to get a little bit excited and burn through stock, that’s when the fun regret kicks in. I have started a label called the artisan collection, which allows me to play, create and innovate. My latest was the “Lagavulin Caramel in 72% Organic Dark Chocolate”.


What’s special/unique about your product?

Our flavours are different and exciting. It is important to honour the chocolate / ingredient and where it has come from which is the fundamental rule for all of our products. We ensure we only use the best ingredients we can find. Local, Australian or international what ever is better. We also try to partner up with local business that grow or process products, like coffee beans or macadamia nuts.

Where’s your favourite place in Byron Bay?

The ocean.

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