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Spotlight on: Byron Bay Olives

Spotlight on: Byron Bay Olives

What does french food, culture and wisdom have in common? The humble olive!

Authentic French recipes which have made Byron Bay Olives such a go-to product, are both delicious and addictive. Sourcing the best quality Organic and spray free olives with 2 of the best selling varieties from Australian farmers.



Byron Bay Olive sources the highest quality products with the most amazing flavours. 


The product range is made with little intervention but with much knowledge, confidence and expertise. 

The vision for the olives and products is to become healthy part of everyone’s diets diets and to be talked about at bbq's and social gatherings of family and friends, across Australia. 


"I grew up with my parents' stall, from a young child to a teenager, working for them when I could. My first job at the market was to scoop the spices for customers when I was 5 years old. And much of my childhood was spent exploring and helping my parents." Says Byron Bay Olives creator Antoine.

They have found and will continue to find local or Australian made suppliers that provide Organic or spray free olives and other ingredients to maintain the high quality that you have come to expect from Byron Bay Olive Co. 

The well-loved Organic Olives are grown using organic principles. The Olives are naturally ripened on the tree, hand picked and then pickled in a salt brine for 15 months. This process retains the olives health benefits and enhances their natural flavours.

Add the delicious olives to summer salads or in your pastas.

Throw on your oven baked pizza, slice up on a fresh piece of sourdough bread or bring a tasting plate to life!

We are excited to announce that we will now be offering the Byron Bay Olives Olive Oil in the Diners Delight hamper very soon, keep your eyes peeled!



Enjoy these quality table olives from the Mediterranean climate of southern NSW, delivered straight to your doorstep in our delicious collection of Hampers and Gift Packs.


Visit Byron Bay Olives here for more information

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