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The Daily Bar's Maker Alexandra Talks The Essentials Like Chocolate and Winter Dips

The Daily Bar's Maker Alexandra Talks The Essentials Like Chocolate and Winter Dips

Welcome to Meet the Maker an interview series where we get up close and personal with our inspiring local producers, sharing their passions, business savvy and what makes them tick.


For this instalment, the maker behind The Daily Bar Alexandra Thursfield reveals her favourite things that keep her life humming and soul happy.

What was it that inspired you to start your business?

It sounds cliché but initially I just felt like there was a huge gap in the market for a truly healthy snack. And from that point I began to really evaluate how I could create a brand with impact.

I felt like there was so much opportunity, and to some extent, necessity to bring honest health into the mainstream, and an absolute necessity for businesses to reduce their impact on the planet!

I think the combination of purpose and passion is a force to be reckoned with, so the inspiration for the brand just flooded in.


Was there a particular time in your life that you can recall that led you to creating The Daily Bar?

I think it was a cumulative thing, just a continual frustration at seeing vegan junk food out there masquerading as ‘healthy’ snack bars and thinking I could do this better! And the plastic, so much plastic!

Living in a place like Byron, where the environment and the natural landscape are such a focal part of our lives, it’s a daily reminder of how it’s the simple things like, clean food, clean living and community that are what’s most important. I wanted to create something that could communicate this, The Daily Bar, this is so much more than just a snack bar, we want to promote a lifestyle that is as conscious as it is healthy.  

What was the biggest obstacle that you faced when starting your business?

Sustainability is at the core of what we do at The Daily Bar, from our home compostable packaging, to our production processes, and our carbon footprint as a business. Although running a sustainable business is super important (essential in our eyes) it definitely doesn’t come without its huge challenges!  Food waste is a huge contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, with primary production contributing to 30% of these emissions, as a food producer, we’ve worked really hard to create closed loop waste processes within our kitchen. 

It’s been about seeing these obstacles as opportunities to reinvent the wheel and having the opportunity to be pioneers within the space.


What do you enjoy most about creating your business?

Well I’m a foodie at heart, but also just know personally how great eating really well makes me feel, I also think health food can be a little bit exclusionary and dare I say boring at times. 

So I get so really excited about creating real food recipes within my fussy set of health values that are first and foremost delicious. I love sharing recipes with our community, and seeing people get excited and more connected with their food!

Favourite all time food/recipe? 

Anything chocolate related!

What honest advice do you have for someone starting or thinking about starting a business?

Believe in what you’re doing with every cell in your body, you’re going to need that belief to get you through the tough times (there will be many), work your bloody ass off, and be a nice person (it’ll get you a long way!)


What’s next for you and your business?

We’re just about to launch a new product! After the year we’ve all had we wanted to inject a bit of extra fun into the world! It’s fun, yum, functional and carbon neutral!





Favourite all time healthy food/recipe? 

I’m a serious chocolate gal, so can’t go past a Choccy Mousse Tart! You can find my recipe for this super simple and super delish crowd pleaser on our journal 

Morning routine consists of?

Moving the body, a little bit of stillness/quiet time and coffee - ideally while catching some warmth from the winter sun

Favourite way to unwind at the end of the day?

Washing the day off in the ocean. Winter dips require a little extra enticing, but the results are 10 fold!

Favourite song at the moment: 

Having a real The National moment right now so probably ‘I Need My Girl’ - The National

Currently reading: 

Just finished ‘The Great Alone’ by Kristin Hannah - could NOT put it down!

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