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Top Baby Shower Ideas & How To Celebrate

Top Baby Shower Ideas & How To Celebrate

Welcoming a little one into the world deserves a day full of memories, big or small it can be done in a unique way to path the way for the journey that is parenthood. When it comes to planning a beautiful baby shower, whether you are mummy-to-be, best friend or collaborating on the special celebration, it can be a little overwhelming on where to begin! We have put together a few inspirational ideas that can be easily adapted to make for the perfect party. 

There are always some basics to cover when getting organised, but the main goal of a baby shower is to help the parents-to-be feel even more excited about the coming bundle of joy. As we all know, babies require a lot of things, irrespective if it is for first-time parents or another gorgeous addition to an ever-growing family, there are always fundamental gift options that ensure the necessitates are covered. A simple gift registry is a great way to ensure you don’t double up on items, from nappies to newborn clothes and everything else in between; your guests will always be grateful for a guiding light in terms of buying presents. 

Baby Shower Restaurant Decor

The venue is a big one; a popular choice for the ultimate baby shower is to be wined and dined at a favourite local restaurant; this way, there is no stress over sorting out catering or clean-up; they will do it all for you! A family-friendly pub garden or rooftop bar is an excellent set-up for a larger group of people; set up a tab or a champagne table with tasty canapés for all to enjoy! This way, you can decorate the space and source an extra special location for your friends and family to visit, ideal for spring or summer showers, but if you are due within the colder months, why not rent a holiday home for the occasion? With endless options out there, you can find a cosy cottage on the beach, a countryside manor or an inner city penthouse apartment to host your spectacular shower. 

Oh Baby shower

Another way to have fun with your baby shower is by implementing a theme. Many trending celebrity showers have been the talk of the town. Actress Eva Longoria recently celebrated her baby shower with a breakfast spread and bloody mary bar, with the option to go virgin (for the other pregnant parties) alongside massage chairs and a pyjama dress code; we really love this comfort first style kind of festivity. A theme gives you a chance to get creative, go whimsical with a fairytale-style event, stick to tradition with a chic garden tea party or think outside the box with a tropical-infused celebration. Imagine a sea of pineapples, tiki huts and sandpits for the other children to play in while the adults sip on Pina Coladas! A theme for the gifts is also a good idea; if you want only organic products, for example, or to stick to a colour scheme, then make sure to put this information on your invitations. 

Activities during the baby shower are the best way to keep everyone entertained and encourage some light-hearted fun. A silly one is for the guests to bring pictures of themselves as a baby; everyone can try and guess whos who. A blindfolded diaper changing challenge is a new one that is finding its way across all kinds of showers; test your partners' skills and see who can put the diaper on the doll the fastest. A fun one for the girls (or the guys) is to place a blown-up balloon under their t-shirt before starting a game of twister; this one always turns into a pile of giggles! However you decide to celebrate, it will be an unforgettable day and a warm welcome into parenthood with your loved ones in tow - because it truly takes a village! 

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