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Unconventional Ideas For Mother’s Day

Unconventional Ideas For Mother’s Day

Every mother is unique, so celebrating them on Mother’s Day should reflect who they are, what they enjoy, and an abundance of appreciation and joy. A surprise is always fun, and jumping outside one’s comfort zone is a great way to bond with your Mum this year; whether you go small or big with your idea, she will guarantee to love the thought put into it. You can’t beat a good experience, so we have a few ideas ourselves that can help you get planning! 

Sky Dive Byron Bay

If you want to gift something really unexpected…the skies the limit, quite literally. There is no sensation like the pure thrill of sky diving. Get that adrenaline pumping this year and organise a surprise dive! A life-affirming adventure that you will never forget. Sky diving is the opportunity to go hand in hand with your mum and fly through the clouds. Yes, it is a bold gesture, but one that can be confidence bestowing and an undoubtedly far cry from recent Mother’s Days in lockdown! Find your local sky diving centre today and get ready for an epic day out. 

Sydney Trip

If you prefer to stay inside the plane (understandably), why not book a weekend away for you and your Mum, or Mum and Dad. With borders gradually opening up, the idea of travelling again is exciting, and a ticket to somewhere new makes for an exceptional gift. We are so lucky to have an abundance of beauty in Australia everywhere you look, so you will be spoilt for choice. A city escape to the likes of Hobart, Melbourne or Sydney offers the opportunity to indulge in some culture, shopping and, of course, food! If your Mum prefers the serenity of the countryside and a more remote location, there is an endless array of spots, both coastal and inland, for a truly memorable stay. 

Family Escape Room

 An excellent idea for the whole family to enjoy with Mum is an escape room! Escape rooms are an entirely immersive experience and great for any Mums who enjoy a challenge, perhaps a bit of a puzzle genius or problem solver. With many themes to pick from, you can tie in a bit of storytelling to set the mood for some serious code-cracking together - put your knowledge and communication skills to the ultimate test! 

Hot Balloon Byron Bay

Our Mums often have to be the early birds, getting everyone organised for the day to come, no matter how old we get! Set your alarm early this year and take your Mum on a sunrise hot air ballooning, with champagne and orange juice in tow; this is a magical way to begin your morning together and have some quality time admiring the views below. 

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