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How To Treat Your Insides - LOCO LOVE Edition

How To Treat Your Insides - LOCO LOVE Edition

We are all guilty of having a sweet tooth to some degree, and many of us will undoubtedly have the post-Easter chocolate blues! More often than not, that classic sugar fix is what we are craving; whether we are hungry or in need of a bit of a perk, chocolate is a common go-to for a little treat. Another less known reason is a dip in our magnesium levels, having us searching through the confectionary drawer. Like anything, healthy eating habits are all about moderation, and chocolate is no different; however, not all chocolate is equal, and we are all about combining a little bit of indulgence minus the guilt! Enter Loco Love. 

Loco Love

Loco Love is one of many unique ideas to be born in beautiful Byron Bay, also known as home for us. Their ethos is to create delicious, decadent chocolates that ultimately generate a feel-good moment with every bite. Described by founder Emica Penklis as ‘artisanal chocolates with benefits’. Emica has a background in fashion and modelling and is also a qualified naturopath, meaning there is no one better suited to create not only a stunning product but one that delivers in its high-vibe nature and plant-based ingredients. So, it is no surprise that Loco Love is a beloved member of the Byron Bay Gift Family and a first choice for treating your insides! 

Loco Love Founder

Loco Love is all about embracing nature's rich and nutritious gifts and elevating them into treats and superfoods that truly inspire. Each chocolate is handcrafted at their local factory and is made with a synergy of life-giving herbs and adaptogens, including ashwagandha and probiotics for a healthy, happy tummy. They encourage people to make conscious choices when it comes to consumption, and their production process sings the same tune. Their cacao is sourced from a small, sustainable farm in Peru, and their nuts and berries are all from the Northern Rivers region. 

Love to Pamper Hamper

Packaged to perfection, every chocolate is individually wrapped in a rainbow with a dash of magic. Gift a curated box of delicacies or show yourself some self-love with their single packs. The goal is to bring joy and transform our vision of well-being; health doesn’t translate to just kale! It also comes in a bundle of seductive cacao flavour that is vegan, free from soy, refined sugars and most importantly utterly scrumptious! Treat yourself and those you love with one of our many hampers containing some of these new-age chocolates. Why not try the New Chandon Perfection or Australian Wine Chocolate Gifts - just in time for Mother’s Day! 

Chandon Perfection

Take a look at Loco Love's website for more information

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