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Why EOFY Corporate Gifts are a Good Idea

Why EOFY Corporate Gifts are a Good Idea
Corporate gifts are a great way to show your clients that you appreciate them in a genuine and thoughtful way. Corporate gifts offer a great return-on-investment by bolstering relationships with key business stakeholders.

When you put the effort in to sourcing unique and thoughtful corporate gifts you’re showing your clients that you care about them, think of them and value the relationship that you have with them.

When building your corporate gift strategy its important to think outside of the box. Put the branded coffee mugs and pens aside and look at corporate gift ideas that are unique to each individual client and that will make a lasting impression.

As business gifting specialists, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why sending a thoughtful corporate gift to clients and employees should be your top priority.

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Relationship Building

A simple gesture of thanks, an acknowledgment of patronage can turn one-time leads into lifetime customers. Sending a well-thought-out gift to clients and staff not only shows that you care about your professional relationship, but it is a reflection of your corporate culture and business values.  Sending a unique corporate gift will help strengthen relationships and show people that you value them.

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Increase Loyalty

Corporate gifting helps build a positive reinforcement to encourage repeat business. It forges a partnership link between the giver and receiver. It’s a subtle reminder to your customer that you appreciate their business and in most cases this gesture is reciprocated with repeat business. It builds loyalty and a lasting relationship.

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It Improves Company Culture

Gift-giving has the same effects on employees and team members as it does on clients. Company culture can make or break the team’s longevity, their performance, and, ultimately, your client’s or customer’s satisfaction with the end product/service. Gift-giving shows investment in a tightly-knit, highly appreciative company culture.

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It gives back

With corporate gifts you form close relations with your clients and show that you know them on a personal level. In this respect getting the gift just right is important – try to avoid generic and predictable corporate gifts as these show you haven’t put much effort into the thought process.

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It helps you to remain at the forefront of your clients’ minds

A carefully considered message and gift will make your company far more memorable. This is a clever way to thank your clients in a simple yet intriguing way that they will be sure to remember.

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